Abner Suarez – Sunday February 8

Abner Suarez

Abner comes to Harvest Church on Feb 8

Abner Suarez, founder of For Such A Time As This, has been a friend of Harvest Church for many years.  His purpose and ministry is, with the Holy Spirit, to bring life changing encounters  to individuals, churches, and the region.  These encounters bring significant and lasting change.

Worship begins at 10:10 am and ministry will continue into early afternoon

Come with an open heart, invite your friends

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Sound bites from Will Hart – March 2, 2014

Will Hart and Pastor Doug Johnson

Jeremiah 29:11 – God is planning good things. We just need to align ourselves with God
Luke 8:25 – In the country of the Gadarenes, the people were afraid when the naked, demon-possessed man was clothed and in his right mind. We often fear what we cannot understand. The supernatural goes beyond the natural!
Luke 5:4 – We may not like the boat we find ourselves in, but Jesus uses us where we are and He uses the tools we have.

Click on the podcast link below to listen to the entire message

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Harvest Worship

Join us for a buffet-style breakfast! We meet at the fire hall across the street on the first Sunday of the month

We give children freedom to worship with flags and in dance

On the first Sunday of the month we meet at the Fire Hall across the street at 9:45 for breakfast. Worship starts at 10:30.

All other Sundays, Worship starts at 10 am. Come join us, we are a family friendly fellowship.

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